Usertransfer in HA-Modus

  • Hi there,

    i found an old entry and a feature request but no current information what about Usertransfer in HA-Modus. Means: Users are Loged in on Master-Server and also the Slave one knows about the login (and Preferences).
    I thought the feature was planed for the 2.4-Release :)

    Does anybody know the current process?



  • Rebel Alliance

    high avaliability is not functionnal on the captive portal. At all. see

    I am currently working on making it work, ( ), but it will probably take me months to get something working

    just in case, please be aware : this is a personnal github development branch, please prepare yourself to see force-push on it, non-working commits and other stuffs like that

    the thing that was supposed to be added in 2.4.4 was in use/expired vouchers synchronization. the idea was not to provide HA but rather to provide a way to have two separate captive portals that would use the same list of vouchers. ( see for details ). i can confirm that the backward sync is not working correctly in 2.4.4, as explained by the last comment of this issue