• Hi
    I have ntopng-3.4.d20180604 installed on a Pfsense Community edition PC running FreeBSD. I have plenty of memory/CPU disk etc.
    My issue is that up until the middle of September I could capture PCAP files from NTOPNG to my Pfsense PC and using Filezilla I could retrieve these files to view in Wireshark.
    Since September, the Dump to disk feature doesnt capture any data except " Unknown Layer-7 Flows Packets". If this box is ticked it will record unknown packets only.
    Previously, I could capture single or multiple hosts by selecting the Dump traffic to disk for each host. This doesnt seem to work anymore.
    I have uninstalled the package (Unticked - Keep ntopng settings, graphs and traffic data). and reinstalled it and deleted all data.
    It still wont dump data. Any ideas welcome.

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