VPN client to client ok, but cannot access local network

  • Hi,
    I am able to connect and ping vpn client to vpn client, but vpn clients cannot access my local network.
    Firewall is open:

    4_1539287161867_Screenshot 2018-10-12 05.41.20.png 3_1539287161867_Screenshot 2018-10-12 05.41.14.png 2_1539287161867_Screenshot 2018-10-12 05.41.12.png 1_1539287161867_Screenshot 2018-10-12 05.41.09.png 0_1539287161866_Screenshot 2018-10-12 05.41.07.png

    VPN Settings:
    2_1539287427383_Screenshot 2018-10-12 05.47.40.png 1_1539287427383_Screenshot 2018-10-12 05.47.32.png 0_1539287427383_Screenshot 2018-10-12 05.47.25.png

    0_1539287504671_Screenshot 2018-10-12 05.51.08.png

    Thanks for any help!

  • Why do you have two different OpenVPN instances? How are you testing, from LAN or from WAN?

  • Hi,

    Second VPN ( was just to see wizard settings and compare. Its not being used (no vpn clients).

    I tested ping from remote VPN client to LAN - and also through pfsense diagnostic ping to VPN client from LAN.

    I use the VPN for remote desktop. I can remote desktop from vpn client to vpn client, but not vpn client to any LAN machines.

    Also tracert from VPN client ( to machine on LAN ( reaches pfsense box ( but no further.

  • IIRC on Windows you had to run the OpenVPN client as Administrator or it wouldn't create the routes propeprly. It would look like it was working but you had no error messages and no access.

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