Pfsense + Freeradius + captive portal + Social login

  • Hi
    I have just installed Pfsense and free radius. Can anyone tell me if it is possible for me to configure pfsense / free radius to achieve the following.

    I have a number of Hardware Firewall Routers at different locations around the country. I want to offer "Guest wifi" i want users to connect the the guest SSID and then see a splash screen with the option to login with facebook, google, twitter etc.
    Once they login their MAC address of their device will be saved on pfsence database so if that user goes to another site and connects to another router they will not have to login again. Is this possible?

    If it is can anyone tell me how i go about configuring this with pfsence / free radius.


  • Hi,

    Your Freeradius can be situated anywhere - not only local to pfSense.

    It is possible that you make your own logging page that includes all the logic (probably API access) to the facebook, google, twitter family. In this case your page would be somewhat more complex as a simple html line-up.

    There is no "click here and click there" and pfSense handles user identification with Facebook or Twitter.

    From what I understand reading this : something is coming up using Google.

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