Installation advice needed

  • Hello everyone,

    I have recently installed pfsense on my home server and i believe i have done something wrong.

    My setup is as follows:
    Ubuntu running VirtualBox which is running pfsense
    2 NIC's in server - one nic connects to the modem, and the other to my switch.

    The installation went fine and i do have a working connection throughout my home to all devices, however, i appear to have 2 public ip's assigned. Under Ubuntu, in my network settings, ubuntu show the 2 nic's and one has an internal ip of 192.x.x.x that has been statically assigned by myself within Ubuntu, and the other nic (connected to the modem) has been given a public ip of 108.x.x.x

    HOWEVER, inside pfsense, my NIC's are assigned differently. WAN has public IP of 162.x.x.x and LAN is correctly assigned to

    I believe this may be caused by the fact that pfsense runs after everything has booted up in Ubuntu and i get 2 public IP's from my ISP for some reason. I also believe that this is causing me trouble with port forwarding as at the moment, i am unable to access my web server from outside my lan, albeit the port forwarding setup correctly.

    Can anyone provide some insight into this?

    thank you

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you wish to filter the Ubuntu host as well you will need to remove that NIC fro Ubuntu so only pfSense is getting a public IP.
    Then add an internal adapter so Ubuntu has an interface in the pfSense LAN subnet. Unless it already does via the shared LAN NIC.

    Though I've never actually tried that sort of setup in VB.


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