pfsense WiFi MAC authentication

  • Hi

    I have posted before but i may not have been very clear. So i am trying again.

    I have a number of Hardware Firewall Routers at different locations around the country. I want to offer "Guest wifi" i want users to connect the the guest SSID and then see a splash screen with the option to login with facebook, google, twitter etc.
    Once they login their MAC address of their device will be saved on pfsence database so if that user goes to another site and connects to another router they will not have to login again. Is this possible?

    If it is can anyone tell me how i go about configuring this with pfsence / free radius.

    I have included screenshots and an example network diagram of the setup.
    it would be good if pfsence / free radius can make this work. Thanks


    0_1539596662806_2018-10-15 09_09_27-emisnet-hiran Vigor2862 Series.png

    0_1539596668699_2018-10-15 09_10_45-emisnet-hiran Vigor2862 Series.png

    0_1539596675406_2018-10-15 09_10_54-emisnet-hiran Vigor2862 Series.png

    0_1539596680925_2018-10-15 09_11_15-emisnet-hiran Vigor2862 Series.png

    0_1539596686603_2018-10-15 09_11_23-emisnet-hiran Vigor2862 Series.png

    0_1539596691818_2018-10-15 09_12_40-emisnet-hiran Vigor2862 Series.png

    0_1539596697014_2018-10-15 09_12_57-emisnet-hiran Vigor2862 Series.png

    0_1539596702748_2018-10-15 09_13_14-emisnet-hiran Vigor2862 Series.png

    0_1539596707933_2018-10-15 09_14_33-emisnet-hiran Vigor2862 Series.png

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