Restrict access while maintaining OpenVPN connectivity

  • Netgate SG-1000, all updates applied.

    I am required to limit outbound access from my LAN which I access via OpenVPN. When I disable 'Default allow LAN to any rule' in the firewall, I lose the ability to login to the LAN via SSH. I can ping the IP addresses, but not login.

    I have attempted to allow TCP access incoming on port 22, UDP access incoming on port 1194. What do I need to do that will allow me to shutdown the 'Default alllow LAN to any' and maintain my ability to ssh into the LAN via OpenVPN?

  • What is your LAN Network? what is your OpenVPN Network?

    To access resources in your LAN network from outside (connected via OpenVPN) you should create firewall rules on OpenVPN Tab. Please provide more information about your network/vpn design.

    Rules on LAN interface Tab are used for LAN devices to access other networks. On pfSense you create rules on the interface the traffic is incoming.

  • Sorry for the delayed response, I've been away.

    We have a LAN behind a Netgate SG-1000. We access this LAN remotely via OpenVPN which has been set up using the OpenVPN wizard. I believe this is a pretty simple, straight forward implementation.

    The OpenVPN interface has no restrictions placed on it, there are no firewall rules other than the default open to all.
    The LAN interface has the following firewall rules:
    IPv4 Default allow LAN to any rule
    IPv6 Default allow LAN to any rule
    allow Ping

    I am required by PCI to restrict the LAN access to only select IP addresses. As soon as I disable IPv4 allow LAN to any, I am unable to ssh into the LAN via OpenVPN. I can ping the LAN IP, and if I am already connected I do not lose my connection.

    Any guidance is appreciated.

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