OpenVPN Speed Throttled to ~3Mbps

  • I've been having OpenVPN issues with slow speeds. I am running a Private Internet Access tunnel for the whole house and I have for years now. All of a sudden I'm getting consistent 2.5-3Mbps speeds for download and it is painful with my Gigabit connection. Followed the pfSense 2.4.3 install for PIA and I'm running a bypass for Netflix and AWS ips. I ended up reinstalling pfSense with a clean install, updated to 2.4.4, stock configuration and set up PIA as stated above...As soon as I implemented the copying of the NAT routing the speeds get throttled down to 2.5-3Mbps. I'm on a gigabit ISP and receive that for throughput without OpenVPN enabled. Anyone else having issues? Is there something wrong with the 2.4.3 install instructions?

    I have the hardware to get much more throughput on OpenVPN as I've reached speeds up to 250-350Mbps before on OpenVPN just recently have things been throttled.

    Mini-ITX pfSense Firewall:
    Motherboard - Gigabyte ga-j1900n-d3v
    CPU - Intel Celeron J1900
    Ram - G.SKILL 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3L SO-DIMM 1333 (PC3L 10666)
    SSD - PNY 240GB
    PSU - SilverStone Technology 450W SFX 80 PLUS GOLD
    Case - Cooler Master Elite 110
    AP - Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO


  • Good afternoon!

    Sounds like a problem on their server. Have you contacted them regarding slowness?

    Please, download an OpenVPN client directly on your personal computer and try connecting it to the same server (and of course, disable the client on the pfSense).

    I hope it helps!


  • @ninom4ster I've been operating this way for a couple weeks, full throughput with PIA app as well as OpenVPN on's really weird...

  • Weird indeed!

    Well, I would suggest you trying different hardware, but that would be kinda difficult to do, I imagine.

    What I can do now is provide you with a temporary user on my OpenVPN server.. So at least you can see if something changes or not..

    I have a 60/50Mbps Fiber link, so the difference should be at least noticeable.

    If you're interested on trying it out, please contact me via PM.



  • Thanks to Nino it appears as if it may actually be the PIA servers after all. Something in the configurations is throttling as I was getting great speeds from his OpenVPN server. I will reach out to PIA this evening and hopefully they will be able to shed some light on this. Is anyone else with PIA experiencing any throttling?

  • what is your send and receive buffer set too?

    i always had speed issues with PIA. my subscription expires in less than 2 weeks and i've moved on to another service

  • @bcruze I'll have to get back to you on that when I get home from work. I have ZERO issues using PIA on the client machines via their apk or a comparable apk. But using client configurations is defeating the purpose of what I want my system to be. The system has more than enough to push 300Mbps VPN throughput at the least.

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    @k1ll3ry0 said in OpenVPN Speed Throttled to ~3Mbps:

    I'm on a gigabit ISP and receive that for throughput without OpenVPN enabled
    I've reached speeds up to 250-350Mbps before

    I will never understand this logic
    Pay company 1 money for HighSpeed connection
    Pay company 2 money to SLOW it down, and hide where your going from company 1
    Just to hand all that info over to company 2

    Makes ZERO sense! ;)

  • @johnpoz To each their own. Private Internet Access has more than proven their commitment to zero logging, tried and tested in court environments. I like to do what I want without prying ISP eyes. I certainly trust them more than Comcast....

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    Have fun with your 1/3 of speed your paying for - so your ISP doesn't know your surfing amazon... If there are things you want to hid then sure hide "those" things - routing all your traffic through a vpn is pointless if you ask me.

    The net is pretty much all https now anyway - is your isp doing mitm on you? If not all they know is you went to They don't even know what you were looking for be it sex aids or cookie cutters

  • @johnpoz and that's your opinion, thank you for it.

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    Your welcome - any time ;)

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