XCP-ng Plex buffering Issue (wan only)

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    when using my vm on XCP-ng plex connections on my wan will buffer. when i use my tplink archer C8 router everything works correctly.
    *note i have disabled hardware checksum offloading under System>Advanced, Networking


    • Dell R710
    • 2 - x5680
    • 128 gigs of ram
    • integrated broadcom 4x 1gig and an intel 2 port 1 gig nic

    Network Diagram

    i am using the intel nic ports for my pfsense vm. port 1 Wan and port 2 Lan.

    plex is a vm that is hosted on the Dell R710. it is connected to the network using one of the broadcom ports. all lan ports go to a 1 gig un-managed switch. i'm using 1 port per vm.

    any ideas on what my issue is??? i'm currently looking into passing my nics through to the vm. but i have not been able to figure it out so far...

    found my issue. it was how i configured my NFS file share. in ubuntu im using nfs-common. i had set it to use "nfs" instead of "nfs4". major difference.

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