"Disable Concurrent user logins"

  • Dear All,

    It seems that "Disable Concurrent user logins" option is not working in 2.4.4 versions.
    anyone suffer with same problem. one voucher work on multiple devices in 2.4.4 version. i want to enforce one voucher on one device. please help me

  • Hi,

    Detail your situation.

    When I login with a user/password, I'm connected.
    When I'm using the same user/password on another device, this second device will be connected, the first one will be disconnected.
    As stated :

    Logs (reverse order) :

    Oct 22 08:28:38 	logportalauth 	18694 	Zone: cpzone1 - CONCURRENT LOGIN - TERMINATING OLD SESSION: x, 90:b9:31:xx:5e:26,
    Oct 22 08:28:37 	logportalauth 	18694 	Zone: cpzone1 - ACCEPT: x, 78:e4:00:1f:xx:05,
    Oct 22 08:26:25 	logportalauth 	19031 	Zone: cpzone1 - ACCEPT: x, 90:b9:31:xx:5e:26,

    As expected, device "90:b9:31:xx:5e:26," logs in using user name "x" - and when "x"is used by device "78:e4:00:1f:xx:05," (note : another MAC and IP of course), the first device 90:b9:31:xx:5e:26, gets thrown out.

    Second proof : ipfw firewall list :

    --- table(cpzone1_auth_up), set(0) --- 78:e4:00:1f:67:05 2092 1790 271746 1540190288
    --- table(cpzone1_auth_down), set(0) --- 2093 2931 3570932 1540190288

  • @Gertjan but i want to enfore one voucher at always on same device...

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