VPN was working.... Now not so much.

  • Hello all.

    I had my OpenVPN up and running.

    Site A: main site
    Site B: remote site

    I changed SiteB to, which was not being used on SiteA, and did some testing at the remote site.

    I reverted it back over to, and now I can't get either site to talk to each other.

    Any suggestions, short of re-creating the VPN? I've restarted both PFsense boxes, and have restarted VPN services on SiteA as well.

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    Check in the Site A and Site B OpenVPN and Firewall Logs whats going on.


  • @rico Well, the logs were over my head somewhat, so I came in today, and set it all up again on the server and client side.

    BTW, can both sides have the same subnets, as in 10.2.x.x or does one side have to be different like I have them now in order for this style VPN to work?

    This VPN would be implemented in the event either one of my netgear boxes die.

    My netgear VPN had to be different when I set them up years ago, per NetGear support. It's running IPsec.


  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Your subnets should not overlap.


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