10gigabit pfSense 2.4.4-RC on HyperV max speeds of 600mbits

  • I'm trying to be a virtualized 10 gigabit router for my home network and I'm struggling to get over 1 gigabit speeds on my virtualized pfSense install on Hyper-V.

    Spec of Hyper-V VM:
    4 cores i7 4790k 4.6ghz
    4096mb of ram
    Intel X550-T2 gigabit nic

    I've tried disabling all VMQ's, hardware offloading, etc. But I still can't get over 600megabits when running speed tests.

    Any ideas? I can post more information if needed.

  • I have similar problem with pfsense install on Openstack.
    Have you solved this problem yet????

  • For 10Gbps SR-IOV and VMQ actually do something. What is your CPU usage like? If you also disabled RSS that will limit you to a single core, which 10Gbps might cause an issue.

  • Interested in knowing what you are testing with? Iperf?
    Did you find a solution or at least a root cause?

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