pfSense blocking Minecraft login, and

  • Hi all,

    I have this weird thing where my pfSense box is working just fine for pretty much every site I visit and programs I have. But when I try to open Minecraft (vanilla), go to the website and try to log in, or even go to this forum, I keep getting login errors or unreachable errors. When I then switch to a wireless connection outside my pfSsense network, all is fine!

    Currently, my box is set up to use a triple redundant AirVPN connection to the outside. It also has an OpenVPN set up to allow me to remote in. As mentioned, everything else seems to work fine without issues.

    Where would I even start to troubleshoot this? Mind you, I am not an experienced network admin, and basically just followed online tutorials to get my box set up the wait I want.



  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If it is set up with those VPN connections as load-balanced you might try enabling sticky connections.

    System > Advanced, Miscellaneous, Load Balancing, Use sticky connections

    If those sites expect all connections to come from the same IP address, you might have to figure out how to identify that traffic and exclude them from load balancing.

    I have not heard of any issues with that on the forum but it would not surprise me either.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Two things potentially I can think of:
    You have some odd MTU issue in the link to those sites.
    Your load balancing is causing problems with switching IPs.

    The second one is easy to test by adding a policy route via just one WAN gateway from a test client.

    The slightly harder. Try pinging with larger packet sizes until you don't get a reply. Is there a lower limit to either of those sites?


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