PIA Setup & Working, but still leaking DNS

  • I've got PIA setup using OpenVPN and working fine. I am running 3 VLANs and was able to configure them using the NAT Outbound rules to only run 2 through the VPN. So far so good.

    Per ipleak.net my IP addresses are good on all 3 VLANs but I am leaking DNS.

    I have tried everything and am starting to think this is how the PIA setup works.

    1. Is there a way to keep what I have (since it's working) and NOT leak DNS?

    2. Is there a tutorial to setup PIA as an OpenVPN gateway? I have previously used Mullvad and they set up this way and I did not have the DNS issue.

  • @pfnguser114

    are you using their DNS servers? if so where are they plugged in at ?

    are you using the dns resolver?

    what browser is leaking?

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