Redirecting on a transparent filtering bridge

  • WAN–--cable modem-----firewall------switch(and a couple servers)--------[eth0(external)–--bridge0----eth1(internal)]–-----guest

    The filtering bridge is all configured and working but we also want to restrict certain websites to prevent access to some adult websites we wanted to have a rule set to redirect them to a page served up by one of the local web servers. Currently we are flat out discarding the traffic but would rather be redirecting users who attempt to a page reporting that this connection is available for those type of activities, any ideas?

  • I personally use to stop pr0n from entering my network, there's also an option within the opendns dashboard to add individual ip's to the block list if needed.

    hope that helps


  • True, but can pfsense with the built-in firewalling functionality redirect?

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