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    Reviving this thread to add two questions on this topic.

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    Is there any issue if I create a parent interface, then add vlans and then eventually delete the parent interface? Or will this create issues somehow?

    Are there any differences in what was written above if the parent interface is a LACP LAGG interface? Or it won't matter? I.e. can i create no parent interfaces and assign VLANs directly to a LAGG?
    (this last question I ask because I did try but it didn't work and I'm not sure if it was due to a misconfiguration of the switch or what..)


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    You do not need a pfSense interface on the parent at all. VLANs are assigned to physical interfaces. pfSense interfaces are then assigned to VLANs.

    Everything works the same on a lagg. Create the lagg, assign VLANs to it, assign interfaces to VLANs.

  • Thanks.

    The thing is:

    1. I have a parent interface working on a LAG; and a vlan_x associated to the same LAG.
    2. Switch which has the LAG ports configured as trunk and tagged for default vlan and vlan_x; port X on the switch is untagged for vlan_x.
    3. everything works as expected (all the ports on the switch go to my parent interface, port X goes to the vlan from which i get DHCP and all).
    4. I disabled the parent interface... everything dies. parent and vlan (LACP is broken).

    Any idea?


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    Yeah. Don't disable it, delete it.

    If you want to have a pfSense interface on it for whatever reason, leave it enabled with no addressing on it.

    Setting it disabled probably does an ifconfig down on it. I'd have to look at the code.

  • Thank you. It looks like I managed to do what I wanted concerning VLANs & LAGG. Parent interface is deleted and I have connectivity.

    I'll have to get a console cable as I bricked my switch management but.. could be worse ☺


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