ExpressVPN gateway monitoring

  • This has come up a lot - I have read a ton of posts here and on reddit - and there seems to be no definitive answer.

    I have setup my pfsense with one expressvpn client. the gateway shows as offline with 100% packet loss, but seems to be working fine. The various solutions offered are:

    • turn off gateway monitoring ( system -> routing -> gateways). so failover doesnt work then.

    • plug in an ip like as the gateway monitoring ip, because expressvpn gateway doesn't pass icmp - shows over 40% packet loss

    • use the gateway ip of expressvpn - 100% packet loss

    • increase the loss interval thresholds under system -> routing -> gateways -> advanced. didnt work for me.

    • someone even suggested dumping expressvpn for another like PIA. however, I have found other non expressvpn posts with the same issue.

    none of this worked for me. Is gateway monitoring for expressvpn on pfsense not possible at this point?

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