Spamd - spamd[1216]: /sbin/pfctl returned status 1 (every minute)

  • Hi!

    I switched to pfsense 1.2.3 (from 1.2.2) and I saw some problems with spamd like:

    spamd[1216]: /sbin/pfctl returned status 1
    pfctl: socket: Operation not permitted

    On the developer-side of spamd (freeberlios) I found the following ticket:

    [Bug #10705]  _spamd must be a superuser to modify ipfw table
    2007-Mar-22 09:33

    _spamd must be a superuser to modify ipfw table

    Original Submission:
    Current implementation of the IPFW patchset require _spamd to be a superuser (uid 0)
    to modify ipfw table. This is because spamd child use RAW_SOCKETS socket to modify ipfw table,
    and RAW_SOCKETS avaible only for the superuser. May be its good idea to open this socket
    BEFORE fork() and use it in the child.

    So I have changed user _spamd to root privileges 'pw user mod _spamd -u 0'!
    After a spamd-restart the problem was solved.

    So my question is, should the ++INSTALL-procedure changed to:

    SPAMDUID= 0 instead 0f 132 ?


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