Simple radius account generation

  • I'm currently using the G-4100 v2 hotspot solution from Zyxel for our hotel hotspot. It comes with a pretty handy thermal printer with 3 buttons that generates accounts and prints a ticket with the login info.

    Unfortunately the system has a few issues with VPN passthrough and gets slow/unstable over ~20 concurrent users (which isn't unexpected for such a cheap solution) so I'd like to replace it with a pfsense captive portal box.

    The only big question left is how to handle account generation. Whats the easiest/fastest way of generating RADIUS logins with random usernames & passwords with a certain expiration date and printing them right away?
    I'm really looking for a simple solution here that the people at the frontoffice can handle — logging into the pfsense webinterface and adding a user there is already too much.

  • hi moep!
    has solution for this?
    is interesting for me

  • It is definitely what I'm looking for.
    I'll write down a post as a feature request, with some details of our shared "wish" :D

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