Bug? - Traffic Graph Widget

  • The traffic graph widget shows a legend for each active interface (e.g., WAN, LAN, OPT1, etc.) The blue and orange dots in the legend can be clicked on and off to turn the corresponding traffic flows on or off in the graph (i.e., traffic in and traffic out, respectively). However, the interface labels in the traffic graph do not update if the interface names are changed.

    For example, if I go to Interfaces --> Assignments and activate the OPT1 interface, I can then go to Interfaces --> OPT1 to change the name of OPT1 to something else (i.e., under the description field). So if I change OPT1 to LAN2 and the go back to the webGUI, the traffic widget still lists OPT1 in the legend, not LAN2. The legend does not update to reflect the change in the description of this interface. This behavior is the same for other interfaces.

    I am not sure if others observe this behavior, or if the behavior has been reported as a bug. So I thought I would start by posting here.

    EDIT: Correct typos

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