Pfsense box with 1 Wan and Lan 1 wired Bridge and 1 Wireless Repeater

  • Hi Everyone,
    I have used pfsense for a while but I am not sure how to tackle this problem. I set-up a pfsense dedicated box that takes in wan from a cable connection and 1 lan out to a unmanaged switch. From there i connect it to a bridge which acts as my WIFI (linksys router in bridge mode) through the unmanaged switch. I also have a wireless repeater (rb-ac68u). If I set-up the wireless repeated with an IP address on the same network as the wireless bridge and pfsense, how can I have it be a part of the LAN and use the WAN connection as well? Not sure if this is a Pfsense question in that I need to have wireless on the PFSENSE box to relay wirelessly to the repeater. A wired connection to the repeater is not possible.

    Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere as I have not found a solution to this in the forum.

    If this is not considered a pfsense question I apologies.

    Thank you all!

  • It's not a pfSense question, but basic Ethernet networking. All the WiFi devices should have an address within the same subnet as used on the LAN. Since they're bridge devices, they should be transparent.

  • @jknott Thank you. I need to investigate further as to why these devices are not both being used when in wireless mode.

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