OpenVPN client issue

  • I have firewall Desico PFSense installed. Accordingly, it has an OpenVPN server on board.
    The OpenVPN server is configured but i have an issue when a second user tries to connect through the OpenVPN client.
    The OpenVPN client on the second user shows that VPN is connected and i can ping the first OpenVPN user but the gateway and remote networks is not accessible but in the same time first OpenVPN client have connection and remote networks is accessible.

  • OpenVPN tunnel network

    First OpenVPN user getting
    Second OpenVPN user getting

    Remote Network

  • If you have TLS/SSL auth ensure that each client has a unique user certificate.

  • @viragomann i was try but nothing changed, maybe it is required additional OpenVPN user license ?

  • Do you try to connect twice concurrently with only one user account?
    That's not recommended, however, if you really want to do check "Duplicate Connection" in the server settings.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    OpenVPN has no user licenses. If it doesn't work, it's almost certainly in your configuration.

    Typically issues with multiple clients end up being a problem with the certificates/credentials being used (everyone needs unique certs and usernames), or the tunnel network (it should be x.x.x.0/24), or possibly incorrect firewall rules.

    Post more detail about your configuration and we might be able to help narrow it down. Also check the OpenVPN log for errors, and check the clients to see what addresses they claim to be using at the time.

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