Server certificate generation in easy-rsa is coming blank ???

  • I have follow this sticky to the letter.

    OpenVPN on pfSense - Installation guide for (Windows) Dummies :-) (road-warrior)

    But in step 9) Run "build-key-server.bat server"

    The server.crt certificate is blank… ???

    There is nothing in it...  ???

    So, in step 24) Copy the WHOLE content of server.crt into the "Server Certificate" window, I cannot copy anything, because the certificate is just an empty file...

    I am trying to setup OpenVPN in a laptop running Windows XP PRO SP2.

    Help...  Anyone...

  • What you're say is only possible if you missconfigured or missmanipulated someting.
    Please refer to the openVPN documentation on on how to set up a CA correctly and build the files.

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