OPENVPN SITE-TO-SITE Tunel does not connect

  • Good afternoon guys, I have the following scenario:

    company A - LAN

    company B - LAN

    Tunnel OPENVPN

    Port: 1194 released on Wan, and configured protocol release in openvpn rules.

    However, when trying to close the tunnel I am getting the following MSG in the log

    company A OPENVPN server:

    Server log:

    Client -

  • Netgate Administrator

    It looks like you have a tunnel subnet mismatch. The server seems to be expecting andf the client The client side seems correct. Hard to say quite how that might have been configured.
    Are both sides set as p2p shared key?

    Both as subnet rather than net/30? (You can only choose subnet in p2p shared-key).

    Can we see screenshots of the config on both sides?


  • A couple of things:

    • Give us the whole picture. It's evident that Company A's config is not from PFsense, so please provide more clarity on the two networks, what the edge devices are, etc

    • You've stated that Company A is the server, but it looks like the client to me. Post the config from Company B (server1.conf).

    • On Company A's config, the ifconfig line is wrong. is a network address and shouldn't be in there. That line should read:

    ifconfig {IP_of_Local_VPN_Endpoint} {IP_of_Remote_VPN_Endpoint}

  • Good night, I thank you for the help comments, I was able to solve the problem, in fact as it is a pfsense implementation from scratch, I was using version 2.4.4 that caused an incompatibility with firewall A, so I went back to the version 2.3.5 and the problem was resolved.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, interesting. It should be backwards compatible. You should be able to get whatever is at firewall A to connect to 2.4.4 if it can connect to 2.3.5.
    2.3.X is EoL now. There will no longer be security updates for it.


  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    packet HMAC authentication failed is very often just down to wrong TLS Configuration or wrong key / key direction.
    Going just back to some old Version like 2.3.5 is a very bad idea.


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