pfSense in VM | How to configure Lan IP in the Host

  • Hello,

    I have a CentOS 7 host with 2 physical NIC and for now I have 4 VM running
    I've installed one VM with pfSense to be my firewall/router

    with the VM pfSense everything work (have wan ip and Lan IP)
    I've already another VM in the LAN range with DHCP frm the pfSense.

    Now problem is how to configure the host to be in the Lan range?

    My 2 NIC are in bridge mode.
    With the NIC WAN I can have a wan IP (I don't want this anymore; so change my config br0 to bootproto=none)
    I tried to configure in the ifcg-br_lan bootproto=dhcp and can't have any IP (I don't have a cable in this NIC for now, because I want to configure everything before connect this NIC to my switch)

    Can anyone help me with this??

  • Give it a static IP. The DHCP server won't be reachable on startup and activating the interfaces.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Mmm, depending on the hypervisor you're using you will have some kind of host only interface that can be used to connect the host to a VM. Put the static IP there.


  • Thank you all for the help. I managed to solve the issue.
    Please close the topic

    solution: delete all the network's interfaces in the virt-manager, create everything and add static ip to the bridge of the LAN NIC :)

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