Squid + Captive Portal

  • Hi,

    I've configured Pfsense with Squid (Transparent Mode + SSL splice all) and captive portal on only one interface WAN

    (Computer) ==============> WAN (Pfsense) WAN ================> (router) 

    Pfsense sets as computer GW and Router sets as Pfsense GW

    So all traffic pass through Pfsense.

    Squid logs fine and captive portal login page is well displayed and works. I can connect.

    I'm currently encountering 2 issues.

    The first one is that every minute, I can see that a disconnection happens on my RDP, SSH connection. So on ssh, I have to reconnect every minute...

    The second "issue", is that when I enable captive portal, when I try to ping from my computer, request failed.
    When I disable Captive Portal (Squid still working) I receive ping response.

    I also notice that after several minutes of use, I need to suppress my connection in Status > Captive Portal because I receive web page error, more and more, until I restart.

    Thanks for your help and suggestion.

    Pfsense version: 2.4.4