pfBlocker-devel 2.2.5_19 & CARP

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    Hi @BBcan177 ,

    still testing the devel version on a customer cluster and stumbled upon the next problem ;)

    Config sync seems not working. Selection is on "sync to system backup server". pfBNG installed on both nodes, primary one is configured and all, secondary is only installed (if you click on the menu link the wizard will start).

    Checked the logs, there is some small XMLRPC activity but if I cancel the wizard on the second node, no setting from the master is there. No IP list, no configuration.

    Any idea?


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    Small addendum: switching it to "host below" and manually entering the same data as in "HA sync" menu syncs a bit more, but not all tabs and settings are synced. E.g. switching language in "DNSBL Category" and pressing save does nothing to the standby nodes configuration.

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    When you click "save" in the sync tab, it just saves the settings but doesn't perform the actual sync... That is done on each cron run.

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    Ah, that explains it!

    Quick feedback about that:

    In a cluster setup I see that as bit of a problem, as you will setup the standby node with all things you have to setup there at first, then activate sync and then hope you have to never touch it again ;)
    In pfBNG terms that would mean you have to not only install the package but also configure it the first time the same time as the primary node because otherwise the standby will throw errors because it can't find the aliases the primary uses in its ruleset (e.g. pri1...). That's something that perhaps you should keep in mind. I'd suggest a slightly different approach: In the wizard screen ask if it is installed on a CARP cluster. If so, tell them to install the package on the standby node first but to NOT run the installer, just let it rest. Then proceed with the installer, let them create the DNSBL IP as Alias on a CARP address they created themself so you don't have to deal with CARP at all and then after the setup do the initial update and sync it to slave. :)

    With that the first time pfBNG runs its update, all lists are updated, created etc. and you can then sync all to the standby node. Perhaps than trigger a force update there via XMLRPC so the standby node also gets the IP/DNS lists correctly. After that the cron update is set to - an hour per default? - so that it should be somewhat safe to leave it alone and have it sync only every hour. But I'd go like the freeradius package for example and just push the configs to the slave every time you save it on the primary and only let the cron do the list updating on both, not the syncing. But that would be my opinion only :)

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