Blocking Sites for some IP's but not others SQUID guard

  • Hi All ,

    I wonder if anyone can help.

    Is it possible to configure squid guard + Squid in such a away that it can block a website like Facebook but only for certain IP's.#

    I have got it blocking it for everyone or nobody. However i cannot seem to figure out how to do it for certain IP's/Hosts.

    I am assuming you can do it as i see the Group ACL but i tried setting that up and it just didn't work.

    Please help,


  • You already have your answer: Group ACLs. That's how it's done. You must have not configured it properly.

  • Hi,

    Thanks can you tell me do i need to configure both Common ACL and Group ACL or just Group ACL

  • Common is literally applied for everyone. Group policies are only for those clients inside the group. The order is important. Did you confirm that your clients are even using the proxy?

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