Multiple VPNs talking to each other

  • Sorry, I've searched a bit, and I'm still not sure what to do, I'm not quite understanding the iroute vs route / push route and where the options need to go (server side, client side?).

    Main office A
    Remote office B
    Remote office C

    I have 3 instances of OpenVPN servers running at Main Office A:
    Site to Site for B
    Site to Site for C
    Remote Access for Road Warriors

    All 3 are working:
    A & B can talk to each other.
    A & C can talk to each other.
    Road warriors can talk to A

    What I would like is:
    1.) for B&C to be able to talk to each other.
    2.) for the road warriors to be able to also talk to B&C while connected to A.

    What's the best way to tackle this?

  • In pfSense you can configure this on the GUI. There is no need to enter a route or iroute command.

    In the client config of site B the "IPv4 Remote network/s" box should look like this:,,<Access server tunnel network>

    on site C:,,<Access server tunnel network>

    Replace <Access server tunnel network> to match your road warriors tunnel network.

    And in the Access server modify the "IPv4 Local network/s":,,

    Ensure that you have firewall rules in place on all nodes that permit the access you need.

  • @dlogan said in Multiple VPNs talking to each other:

    Thanks for the response. It works like a charm for the remote access VPN, but I'm still not able to get B & C talking to each other through A. Do I need to change the server settings at site A to allow this?

    At all 3 sites I have allow all traffic on the firewall rules for OpenVPN

  • Have you already added interfaces to the OpenVPN instances on A?

  • I did not create interfaces for them. Should I?

  • In some scenarios that's necessary for handle the routing with multiple VPNs.
    Just assign an interface to the VPN instance and enable it.

    Otherwise check the routes on site B and C and use traceroute to find out where the packets go to.

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