quick road warrior question

  • hey guys, have an openVPN server setup on my pfsense. I use it to access my cameras, my unraid server, pfsense admin, etc and it works great.

    the one thing I was wondering is when connected and look up my public ip, it isn't my home networks public wan ip. how do I get my cell phone traffic to go out my home wan?

    I just looked it up, I still get a public ip from Rogers, my cell phone provider.

  • Well, yes, that normal and ok.

    Your home LAN setup uses some router (pfSense ?) - and has it's WAN IP.
    Your cell phone uses a data carrier brought to you over the iar by your cell phone company. You cell phone doesn't use your home LAN and router setup.
    Exception : when you activate the Wifi in your cellphone- and you have an AP on your LAN, then it becomes an ordinary device on your LAN - it uses your home LAN and WAN.

  • But when I am away from home, and I VPN into Pfsense, I want to use the WAN port on Pfsense to send out from my phone.

  • Go to the OpenVPN server settings, delete the entry of "Local Network/s" and check "Redirect gateway". Save the settings.

    Go to Firewall > NAT > outbound NAT, if the outbound NAT is in automatic mode switch into the hybrid mode and save this.
    Add a new rule:
    interface: WAN
    source: <OpenVPN tunnel network>
    destination: any
    Translation address: WAN address

  • thanks man, will have a try.. I wasn't sure if it was a setting in my Server or the client..

  • Haven't tried this yet but am running into an issue with my cameras.

    If I connect to the VPN, all 7 of my cameras will show up on my phone, then the will start randomly dropping to blank screen, then come back up again and this keeps repeating.

    Anyone have any ideas how I might trouble shoot this? I can sit in my kitchen and look on my TV which is on my home network and all the cameras are working, it's just on my VPN that they drop and come back up.

  • It probably means that your connection speed can't keep up with the amount of video data being send to your phone (7 cams).

  • Normally, when I use my iPhone and the VPN to connect to my work (have a pfSense over there) the App I use to connect to my DVR on the LAN, it uses the low resolution video stream when it shows all the videos.
    When I focus one stream, I could switch to high res.

    Every stream has a 1 Mbit/sec stream at least when my cameras are in colour mode. My VDSL upstream from works is hardly a 2 Megabit/sec connection, so yes, I could overload that one very easily..

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