Slow Upload OpenVPN

  • Hi All

    I am having problems with open vpn upload from server to client. When i upload from client to server i max the clients line out. When i download from the client i get 512kb.

    I have a 60/60 fibire to the house.

    Have a quad core Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU L5640 @ 2.27GH CPU is always under 20%

    i have tried a few options but i am willing to try anything to get a better speed. I would ideally like to max the client line out at 50mb

    Thanks in advanced


  • @mat1987 What options do you have configured in additional config section in OPENVPN?

  • Hi funny enough was just doing some testing.

    I have tried downloading a file on remote side using http and smb no vpn involved and i get same poxy results.

    If i am on remote pc and download a file i get 7mb of 60mb if i upload inget 10mb which is there full upload.

    Have tried this on ppoe and static ip with a modem speeds do not change.

    I have done copying between my servers and i can hit 1gb speeds so what the hell is going on.

    I hqve tried two locations and same scenario just one starts higher but its closer to home and its a business lease line.

    If you would like to do a remote session so can show you and see what you think just let me know.

    I want to max there download out like i can there upload then use traffic shapping per site.


  • Ok so i think i have found the issue but need some help fixing it

    I think it maybe a MTU size issue when copying over smb. I have tried some options fragment 1400 mssfix 1400

    The server seems to accept it but when i add to client and click connect it errors saying failed to connect to management service.

    Anyone got any ideas?