newbie-how to view images in the posts?

  • I am newbie to the forum
    I have a layman's query..can you please help me

    how can I view images posted in the forum? following is the example from the post by hyrol:
    PfSense Squid Proxy for Multi-WAN

    ![02. Squid Proxy Setting.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/02. Squid Proxy Setting.png_thumb)

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    Can you see no Images at all or only some?
    For example, can you see this one I posted?
    A lot of the older Images in the forum are broken, I think after some kind of Update. 😕


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    When they changed from old forum software SMF to the New NodeBB setup seems like some images did not translate well... They are still there from my understanding just not displaying..

    When this first happened there was discussion on working to fix that... But not sure if that is still the case?

    I know it sucks - but with growth sometime comes pain.. And some of the older posts might be harder to follow with loss of images... But this happens all the time when users use outside links to images and those images get taken down or the hosting location goes away, etc..


    If you can not see for example this picture I am attaching of this posting - then you have something else wrong..


    Can you see that image or are you just seeing the text like above.. In this post you should see the image and the text pointing to the image I quoted.

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