Lightsquid report

  • Hi mates,
    I am using pfsense 2.4.4with squid / squidguard and everything work like a charm.
    It's with kerberos auth, SSL filtering, wpad distribution in a second nginx instance, 6 ACL based on AD, custom error report.
    Now I would like to log the denied pages by squidguard in lightsquid report. I have read bilions of pages without finding a solution.

    I have checked services -> squid proxy server -> general and selected "log pages denied by squidguard"
    I have added the sgr=ACCESSDENIED string in ACLs -> blacklist but I don't know exactly where to add

            $str[] = '<iframe src="'.$cl['u'].$sge_prefix.'sgr=ACCESSDENIED" width="1" height="1"></iframe>';

    in my sgerror.php and how to see the blocked page in lightsquid report.

    Thanks a lot,