Multiple PS4s, Xbox Ones and PCs used for Gaming

  • So I have been a lurker on these forums since I built and configured my pfsense box a few months ago, but have been struggling to get an open NAT type on the consoles and pcs in my home network and decided to create an account and ask the community.

    A quick bit of backstory I went the pfsense route for the learning experience and because I was having a hard time finding hardware that supported LAGG (which I use for my home plex server) and maximum throughput on my gigabit internet package. Hopefully, this helps put into perspective that ultimately my goal was: maximize internet throughput > maximizing security.

    So I realize that there is likely not a fix all solution, and in some cases what I am asking about may not be possible but my goal is to get an open nat for all the consoles and computers in my network. Currently everything shows as a type 2/moderate.

    Some Notes:

    • When I set a static port outbound rule for the consoles only one can connect to a game server at a time

    • I have a specific outbound static rule for a small range set to my PC for Destiny 2 in order to get Moderate NAT, However occasionally I can't connect to the server until the states are refreshed (maybe the ports are in use at the time?)

    • While I have UPNP enabled rarely do I see the consoles or PCs use it to open a port, and if I have a static outbound rule for the Gaming Consoles Alias I created then the first console to claim the game port (usually 3074 UDP) is able to connect with an open NAT while the other consoles are unable to connect at all. However this issue only occurs with the static outbound port mapping. as Currently they all connect with Moderate or Strict NAT Type

    Here is what I have currently setup in the form of screenshots:

    OutBound NAT
    0_1541794264250_Outbound NAT.JPG
    Port Forward
    WAN Rules
    LAN Rules
    System Advanced Firewall & NAT

    Hopefully, I formatted this post properly and the Ask and What I have tried is clear.
    Edited to Fix IMGs not showing

  • To make it more specific too, the game I am looking having an open NAT on is Call of Duty Black Ops 4 on 3 PS4's in my house. UPNP alone lets us all play together but with strict NAT. having a static outbound port only allows one of us to play.

  • As an update on this, I am not sure if this points to the consoles (PS4s) and or the Game (Call of Duty Black Ops 4) but I noticed that they all seem to want to use 3074 as the internal port. The screenshot below shows the UPNP mappings if I maintain the Non-Static outbound Port Mapping. As I mentioned in the initial post if I set up static outbound ports for my GameConsole Alias (which contains the PS4s's static IP addresses) Only one console can connect to the game servers at a time.

    0_1541989714033_UPNP Status.JPG

  • So my current workaround is to have a static port mapping set for the consoles, but have a specific non-static port mapping set for 3074 for the GamingConsoles Alias. Now I wanted to try and setup a static port mapping preference for at least one of the consoles, but as the previous post show's UPNP attempts to make a static port mapping for the first console. So I imagine in this scenerio if the singled out console, setup with static port mapping were to open the port after any of the other consoles it would have that unable to connect issue mentioned in the parent post.

    Again this is also going under the assumption that PS4's and Black Ops 4 require 3074 as the internal port.


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