Need Help in Choosing a VPN

  • I was thinking of getting a VPN for myself on this Black Friday and also got hold of a review on Black Friday VPN Deals. Now the problem is the review has listed at least 75 providers hence make it difficult to choose from. My intent and purpose is very simple, I need a vpn for torrenting and netflix. Which one should I go for ?
    Recommendations needed ?
    Thanks :)

  • If you only want to use VPN for Netflix and torrenting purpose than, I would recommend you to go with PureVPN, As I have heard a lot of buzz about its good performance with Netflix currently, on different tech platforms.also they are offering there 5 year subscription for just 79$ so I think it can be a good deal for you. Also, I have used it on my PSFense last year due to some requirements, and it did work fine for me.

  • I've been on PIA for about 6 months, Great speeds, never had an issues.

    and you should also look at this too:

  • PIA is good, but they don`t have IPsec IKE support.
    NordVPN has this option.

    In my case, PIA is not OK, because OpenVPN is too slow and my CPU gets bottlenecked during downloads.

    Check if your CPU will work fine with OpenVPN, my ARM CPU doesn`t.
    However, for IPsec IKE, it works perfectly fine.

  • I think ExpressVPN would be the best choice. I've used it personally & it's far batter than others. However, a bit costly.

  • using the software with Airvpn and ProtonVPN i have been able to view netflix.

    over Pfsense i have not been successful

    i would not buy a VPN provider just for online viewing unless you live in an area where its required. its too much hassle

    for torrenting. just use one of the companies that allows it