Need Help in Choosing a VPN

  • I was thinking of getting a VPN for myself on this Black Friday and also got hold of a review on Black Friday VPN Deals. Now the problem is the review has listed at least 75 providers hence make it difficult to choose from. My intent and purpose is very simple, I need a vpn for torrenting and netflix. Which one should I go for ?
    Recommendations needed ?
    Thanks :)

  • If you only want to use VPN for Netflix and torrenting purpose than, I would recommend you to go with PureVPN, As I have heard a lot of buzz about its good performance with Netflix currently, on different tech platforms.also they are offering there 5 year subscription for just 79$ so I think it can be a good deal for you. Also, I have used it on my PSFense last year due to some requirements, and it did work fine for me.

  • I've been on PIA for about 6 months, Great speeds, never had an issues.

    and you should also look at this too:

  • PIA is good, but they don`t have IPsec IKE support.
    NordVPN has this option.

    In my case, PIA is not OK, because OpenVPN is too slow and my CPU gets bottlenecked during downloads.

    Check if your CPU will work fine with OpenVPN, my ARM CPU doesn`t.
    However, for IPsec IKE, it works perfectly fine.

  • I think ExpressVPN would be the best choice. I've used it personally & it's far batter than others. However, a bit costly.

  • using the software with Airvpn and ProtonVPN i have been able to view netflix.

    over Pfsense i have not been successful

    i would not buy a VPN provider just for online viewing unless you live in an area where its required. its too much hassle

    for torrenting. just use one of the companies that allows it

  • I think most important things you should consider before buying vpn are recommendations, opinion of mass media, past year app upgrades and extra features, for example pcmag recently announced this research about 10 different vpn providers, and it seems that Nordvpn takes the lead in vpn market.
    also I should add that transparency is also a key in a vpn market.

  • Hi, id like to ask all of you one question i have PureVPN since 5 years and a have 1,5 years more paid, but last month i start to use pfsense on HP compaq 6000 pro, i5 3470,4gb ram i bought very cheap and i like it a lot. I have problems with Android smartphones in my house its just a home network 5-6 android phones a few laptops when i turn on OpenVPN my Google play store can not download apps at all everything else its great the speed and everything. Please if someone use a different Vpn provider and all works ok i am ready to leave my PureVPN and buy a new one or if its a settings on pfSense which a have to activate. Thank you.

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  • VPN ads are bogus. VPN reviews are bogus. VPN testimonials are bogus.

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    Agreeing with KOM. I find it strange that with the mention of "need VPN" two posts pop up on the same day with newly created profiles including pics (to make it more believable?) immediatly pop up talking shop about NordVPN including some shady site with a glooming review.

    For anyone else that wants a somewhat trusted source of VPN services, the link from KOM is a really good one (and one that is AFAIK neutral and unbiased).

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    @KOM said in Need Help in Choosing a VPN:

    VPN ads are bogus. VPN reviews are bogus. VPN testimonials are bogus.

    Yeah I banned both of those accounts and deleted their posts..

  • For what it's worth (and if anyone even cares), I narrowed it down to ProtonVPN and Mullvad, and went with Mullvad. Cheap, simple, Wireguard support, very flexible payment.

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    Another freaking spammer dropped in this thread recommending that nord WTF? Talk about a spam magnet subject.

  • I just finished evaluating Wireguard from Mullvad on Linux Mint 19.1.


    • Simple config. Config generator page takes your acct number and desired endpoint and then spits out a Wireguard config file similar to OpenVPN config file generation that most ISPs use.
    • Fast connect. It connects in under a second.
    • No DNS leaks like you always get with NetworkManager & OpenVPN.


    • Initial config requires command-line use. This is not usually a problem for most Linux users.
    • Enabling/disabling Wireguard connection also requires command-line as there is no GUI or desktop widget.

    I didn't do any speed tests because those can be all over the place depending on several factors.

    Supposedly, NetworkManager 1.16.0 (in Ubuntu 19.04) natively supports Wireguard without plugins, but even then you still need to use nmcli to manually import the config file from terminal.

    I went from knowing literally nothing about Wireguard to having a functional connection with no leaking DNS in under 5 minutes.

    Pretty nice so far.

  • If you want to be your own VPN provider and you're comfortable at the command line check out AlgoVPN, a set of scripts that will set up a private VPN server at one of the major cloud providers and generate the client config files for you. An AlgoVPN supports IPsec and WireGuard.

    With a few changes to your AlgoVPN you can even connect pfSense via IPsec, as I've documented here.

    Note that Netflix and others tend to block access from many cloud provider networks so running your own AlgoVPN won't meet the needs of some folks in this thread.

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    ^ doesn't have to be a major cloud provider though... Pretty much can be anywhere you can setup a vps..

    Just have to be in line with their AUP... So quite often trying to hide your p2p shit from your isp via this method not going to fly..

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    Almost got trigger-happy with @dem's post - sorry - but amazing, how many spam-bots seem to run amok with spamming NordVPN et al services. Weird.

    @KOM If you have reliable data for Wireguard performance, it would be nice to know. We did a test with OVPN, IPSec and a quick one with some half-baked WireGuard package on OPNsense (just to have some values on FreeBSD at all) and were pretty baffled. Perhaps it was the version and/or FreeBSDs implementation but performance wise it wasn't impressive at all.

  • @JeGr If I get some time this weekend, I can try some speed tests raw vs OpenVPN / Wireguard with Mullvad.

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    Thanks for that! Perhaps mention the hardware (on your side of course) you test with, too :)

  • On Linux, WireGuard runs in the kernel, but on FreeBSD, iOS, and macOS it uses a separate program written in Go. This will certainly affect performance.

  • I have used PIA for years w/o issue. AFAIK they have been tested in court and were unable to provide any details to the authorities about usage.

  • @JeGr My basic tests on my 150/15 connection showed:

    Raw 133/12
    OpenVPN 125/12
    Wireguard 131/12

    I have a Mikrotik hEX at home with some traffic-shaping enabled.

  • @KOM mikrotik integrated with pfsense?

  • What? No, there is no such thing.

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    Thanks @KOM that's interesting. We got it no higher than around ~220-320Mbps (depending on sending or receiving) while OVPN would hit ~450-500 depending on config and IPSec going up in spikes to as high as 575Mbps on hardware that is equivalent to the SG-5100 (eg. Atom 3558 SOC). Could be the implementation of course.

  • I have been using nordvpn for the best part of a year and found it to be great.

    I did look at a lot of others but as someone said do your research, look at recommendations and check what meets your needs.

    I have also used nordvpn support a couple of times as well and they were very good, contrary to what I read in most of the reviews.

    Purevpn was the other one I was close togetting but nord had the edge for me. Works great with my pfsense and really good speeds.

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  • Thanks Guys, thanks everyone for replying to my thread. However the thread is year old and there is no Black Friday to avail the deal☺ Anyways in the mean time I was doing my own research on Best VPN Services and after reviewing an article which gave me some very important insights such as logging policies and 5 eyes countries, where I was in a position to make an informed decision. I purchased ExpressVPN recently and it fit my purpose very well. Let me know what are your basis on choosing a VPN service.

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    Thing I can say about this thread - it has been the biggest SPAM magnet thread I have ever seen here, in the like 12 years been here ;)

  • @johnpoz I agree I'd just lock it as OP has said they found one.

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