Pfsense 2.4.4 on ESXI 6.5 performance issues

  • Hello, just wondering if anyone may have some suggestions to improve the performance on my setup. I have ESXI 6.5 running with a pfsense vm and a linux vm. I have 2 physical nics, one connected to wan and one for lan and another interface setup in pfsense for a vpn connection. Everything is working normally, even speedtest results come back good until I try to download something and it basically brings my whole internet connection to a crawl on the vm or any other device on the lan. The host cpu and ram barely move above idle at any time. I have tried setting my nic drivers to e1000 and vmx3 and it didn't change anything. I have tried AES-NI CPU Crypto on and off, no change. I can bypass the pfsense vm as gateway and the speeds return to normal. I'm not really sure what else I could check and was wondering if anyone here could offer some suggestions?

  • I believe I may have figured this out or at least improved speeds a lot. I manually set all the mtu speeds to 1500 which is supposed to be the default.

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