How do I block internet access on a LAN computer - BUT STILL RDC TO IT FROM WAN?

  • I have a server on my machine that I would like to block incoming/outgoing internet access to… But I still need to be able to RDC into it?

    I first tried to block internet access to it using a BLOCK ALL rule on the LAN TAB but that didn't work? Machine could still get to internet?

    I removed the default gateway from it, but that rendered me stranded (couldn't RDC to it)... So after driving out to the DC and putting the default gateway back in I gave up and am asking in here!

    If someone could explain how to do this or if its even possible I would appreciate it!

  • Rules are inbound on an interface.  That means that to stop a machine getting "out" you'll need to list it as the source IP address in the firewall rule.  If that still doesn't work you'll need to post a screenshot of your firewall rules, and details of the version of pfSense you're using.

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