Veaam and pfSense

  • Ive read some reports that Veeam cannot correctly backup and restore a virtual pfSense.

    Is this correct? What workarounds are recommended?

  • Veeam can backup any virtual machine. Nothing special about pfSense. I have personally backed up a pfSense instance using Veeam Backup & Replication.

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    All fine here

  • have you guys tried to restore them? I have, and I was let down several times as the restore gets corrupted because it is not a consistent backup, the backup works like having an unexpected shutdown with the VM and then the file system gets corrupt.

    Veeam is not safe to use with pfsense

  • The only workaround would be to keep updated copies of your config.xml backup. Installing pfSense takes literally a few minutes and a config restore even less time.

  • bakinc up manually config.xml has nothing to do with veeam, which is the reason this topic was created

  • You must be a real blast at parties.

  • Having issues for it to get to work...

    When attempting to test if it works I get a

    1/21/2018 1:21:39 AM :: Checking Linux credentials Error: Failed to execute command.

    StdErr:Cannot elevate to SU.


    StdOut:export: Command not found.

    StdOut:export: Command not found. Cannot elevate to SU.


    StdOut:export: Command not found.


    Trying in the console to su it gives me a "su. Sorry" message.

  • sudo is not integrated in pfSense by default.

    However, you may install the sudo package.

  • Can I assume you have disabled the Application processing & indexing and other "smart" stuff that Veeam does? I usually turn all that off for my Linux VMs.

  • that is basically what makes a backup crash proof, it is like volume shadow copy in Windows, it ensures any data write is flushed to disk so a consistent backup is taken.

    pfsense with Veeam is a lottery, you may have 50% success rate as a backup runs when there are no writes queued to disk. I would not use Veeam as a sole backup tool for pfsense, I got screwed a few times because of that.

    Not sure if installing su on freebsd would make this work, I never tried. Keep us posted if it does

  • I don't even bother backing up pfSense because like I said earlier, it's dead-simple to install fresh and import your config. It might take less time to do that than to restore from a backup.

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