Unable to bypass DNSBL in pfBlockerNG-devel (Ver. 2.2.5_19)

  • My pfSense configuration has two LAN interfaces, i.e., LAN1 and LAN2. I would like to bypass DNSBL for traffic flowing through LAN2. The DHCP server for LAN1 is set for, and that for LAN2 is set for LAN1 and LAN2 have a static IPv4 addresses of, respectively, and I am running the latest developer version of pfBlockerNG, i.e., 2.2.5_19.

    I read the pinned post regarding this topic, i.e., “Bypassing DNSBL for specific IPs”. The post suggested entering custom options for pfSense’s DNS Resolver. However, none of the examples provided in the post work for me. When I replace the default entry for DNSBL, DNSBL simply stops processing traffic on both LAN1 and LAN2. Here is an example of what I have entered:

    access-control-view: bypass
    access-control-view: dnsbl
    name: "bypass"
    view-first: yes
    name: "dnsbl"
    view-first: yes
    include: /var/unbound/pfb_dnsbl.*conf

    I have tried changing the subnet addresses to the static IPv4 addresses of LAN1 and LAN2 (i.e., and I have also tried adding “include: /var/unbound/host_entries.conf” before “include: /var/unbound/pfb_dnsbl.*conf”, as was suggested by one of the posters. Nothing works.

    It doesn’t help that NLnet Labs documentation for Unbound, which serves as the basis for pfSense’s DNS Resolver, is not particularly detailed on how to use the View functionality of Unbound. Any help here would be appreciated.

    Also, I note that this problem has come up multiple times over the years. I am not sure if BBcan177 is interested, but I would highly recommend some additional functionality in pfBlockerNG: a GUI block in Firewall --> pfBlockerNG --> DNSBL that allows a user to exclude one or more IP addresses, subnets, interfaces, and so forth, from being processed by DNSBL.

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