Captive Portal Problems

  • Good Afternoon,

    I have pfSense 1.2.2 Installed and configured with WAN, LAN( and OPT1( I have DHCP enabled on both LAN and OPT1. With CP turned off everything works fine. When I enable CP it will only work if a client computer on OPT1 enters an address of '' where they are presented the portal page and once beyond that they have full access to the internet. If they enter anything else (, etc) they simply get nothing. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should check??



  • Hi, first, CP only can be assigned to one interface. In your case either LAN or OPT1. Where is it pointing to? May be you pointed the CP to the LAN…in that case, only users in the LAN will get the CP initial page when trying to access the internet. Users on OPT1 will not get the CP login page unless they type


  • As ipnet said : bind the Captive Portal to OPT1 (or whatever you named it), that's were it belongs anyway.

    I'm using pfSense with the CP on OPT1 (which is btw and people do not need to type in this IP to get the portal login page.

    A simple will do the job - and that what's it is all about. They will see my logging portal, if they want it or not.

    Ducktn, goto the Captive Portal settings page "services_captiveportal.php" and have a look at the bottom of that page : see the red note !
    "Changing any settings on this page will disconnect all clients! Don't forget to enable the DHCP server on your captive portal interface! Make sure that the default/maximum DHCP lease time is higher than the timeout entered on this page. Also, the DNS forwarder needs to be enabled for DNS lookups by unauthenticated clients to work."
    You should know what to check now  :)

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