Interface Stopped DESTRIBUTING, possable flapping

  • Hello

    In my setup I have 2x40G adapter in LAGG0

    I configured the switch with a port-channel and LACP
    It is recommended to configure spanning-tree port type edge
    when "switchport mode access" or
    spanning-tree port type edge trunk
    when "switchport mode trunk" or
    spanning-tree port type edge network
    when connecting to an other switch or router

    1st I am not sure if this is why I am getting Interface flapping
    and 2nd I am not sure what pfsense is in this case

    thank you

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Sounds like it isn't happy with the LACP or the links to the switch or something else.

    Really hard to say from here.

    Does the switch provide any information? What kind of switch is it? What kind of NICs are they?

  • @derelict hello

    yes the switch is NEXUS 3132Q
    the nics are Chelsio T580-SO-CR 2x40G adapter

    at my other site I have exactly the same config just the switch is NEXUS 3132Q-V
    and have no problem with LACP

    Do you know in witch category fall under pfSense ?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Which Category?

    I would look at the switch logs and see what's there.

  • @derelict hello

    I fixed it, but I am trying to understand how. Can you tell me what's exactly mean
    "flapping" ?

    thank you

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    The term flapping in computer networking generally beans a constant down, up, down, up progression.

    We'd all be interested in knowing what you found and what you did to correct it.

  • @derelict It was a loop in my network. All I had to do is configure LACP and spanning tree protocol between both switches and flapping stopped.

    well something like that