• Hi all,

    I setup a LAGG last night between two ports on my pfSense box and two ports on a Ubiquiti 24 port managed switch and enabled LACP. The only traffic traffic flowing over this LAGG are three tagged VLAN's, let's call them VLAN A, B, and C. Everything is working fine and I see VLAN A, B, C traffic being distributed across both interfaces. However, when I reboot pfSense and everything first starts up a I see a few packet errors on the LAGG VLAN's. It's nothing significant - less than 10 packets on each virtual VLAN interface and they do not continue to increase over time. So I'm not worried, but I'm curious if someone had an idea what might be causing these few initial packet errors? Could this occur during the initial LACP communication with the Ubiquiti switch, or is there a chance that I may have something misconfigured?

    Thanks in advance for your help and insight, I appreciate it.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    It is probably just that the lagg isn't set up yet. If the errors do not increase after it's all booted and established I would not sweat it.