• Hello,

    I'm having an issue with a website where the the images won't load when latest version of pfBlockerNG is enabled using Chrome and Edge. I added the URL to the whitelist but it did not work. When disabling pfBlocker the images will load. Any ideas what may be causing this. Any help would be much appreciated.


  • So you are saying the website loads but not the images on that site?

    Did you do a wildcard whitelist such as .example.com or did you just whitelist example.com ? It could be the images are being called from a sub-domain, not sure though. If they are then you would either need to do a wildcard whitelist or find out what the image subdomain is and whitelist that. Not knowing what website you are referring to kinda makes this a guessing game.

    You could try visiting the website again, open a new tab and check your pfBlockerNG Reports > Alerts and see if anything from that website is listed. If so click the + next to the domain to get the whitelist options. If not you can use your browsers web developer tools to see where the images are being called from.

  • Thanks for the tip. I used the developer tool to see the url path. All is fine now.