Google Chrome Times Out when trying to establish a secure connection when using pfBlockerNG

  • I am new to PFSence and tried to configure pfBlockerNG. pfBlockerNG is working fine in Edge and Firefox. When I try using Google Chrome the page times out when I go to any sites that use HTTPS. ERR_Time_Out ERR_Time_Out site loads fast site loads but takes a long time.

    0_1542997905226_pic.png ERR_Time_Out This site can’t be reached Working

    I am using lists from Pi Hole and Steven Black Lists. I also configured Certificate Authority on the pfsence Firewall and have them installed on my PC. The PC now trusts the IP of the firewall.

    My Versions:
    pfSense 2.4.4
    pfBlockerNG 2.1.4_13
    Google Chrome Version 70.0.3538.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    Did I miss a configuration setting? Any suggestions or links to other forums that could solve this issue would be helpful.


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    Do you have VLANs? If so, make sure that the devices on the vlan can ping and browse to the DNSBL VIP address. There is a "Permit Firewall Rule Option" in the DNSBL Tab which can be used to create a Floating Permit firewall rule to allow your vlan segments to hit the DNSBL VIP address, otherwise the VLANs could timeout when trying to connect to the DNSBL Webserver.

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