Minor webGUI regression

  • I mentioned this in another article, but figured I should post it separate as well.  Between previous 1.2 version and this one there appears to be a new bug.  In the advanced menu, the option to generate a cert to allow https access to the webGUI appears to be broken.  I enter all the info and then a bunch of PHP errors flash on the screen (like a haywire loop) and then disappears and returns me to the menu with nothing in there.  I'm guessing this is another typo like some other errors as of late, but I don't know PHP so I can't really hunt it down.

    Because of this, I'm stuck with using the webGUI in the clear over our wireless network where anyone can sniff passwords and such if they happen to be looking at that moment, so it bothers me, but at the same time this is just the firewall and captive portal for our motel wireless system that is free for guests–the CP is just to keep some trucker or other guy from parking and eating all our bandwidth (or worse) and not paying for it, so security isn't all THAT important.

    I forgot to mention, I'm using the current 2-24 snapshot.

    Thanks, Mike

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