• Hi Guys ..

    I have a "SG 7100-IU" firewall and my question is how to disable firewall rules / snort / .. for one specific LAN ports like ETH2

    I need unrestricted networking for one of the ports basically to exclude it from all the firewall rules , SNORT and Adblockng .. currently all the settings apply to LAN and I don't know how to separate one of the ports and apply my own rules for it

    Thank you

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You would have to move that port into its own vlan/subnet with its own rules. You can't have that port as a member of the LAN switch and also have separate actions taken upon it. pfSense only sees the traffic coming from the switch uplink when setup that way. Thus, to treat it differently, it has to arrive some other way, such as on its own VLAN tag.