VLAN setup - issue on routing

  • Hi

    I created my vlan, assign the interface, gave it an ip
    Enabled dhcp
    assign vlan to a ssid
    tag on my switch the traffic of that vlan
    created rules to trust this vlan on my lan and allow this vlan to go to wan

    But it does not give me an ip...

    any idea?

    Also tried with a manual ip still not working

    I tried to assign the ip manualy on a vm assign to a vnet to vlan11 and still cant reach my firewall


  • routing: link#7 U 0 1500 vmx0.11 link#7 UHS 0 16384 lo0

  • Netgate

    vmx.11 is expecting traffic to be tagged with VLAN ID 11 when it arrives there. You need to make sure the environment outside of it is set to tag VLAN 11.

  • yeah seems tagged. i verified again. but should i not be able to ping the vlan regardless before moving forward?

  • Netgate

    No. If vmx.11 received untagged traffic it will not respond because it is not the correct VLAN.