Can't access my DMZ server from WAN

  • Hi guys, I am new here, and practically new to Pfsense as well. I have been running the latest version (2.4..4) for a while now and do not have any complaints. Everything was working absolutely fine until I made some changes to enable VPN (IPVanish) on certain devices only. While that is working like a charm, I didn't realize that after those changes, I lost the ability to 1- RDP into my server in the DMZ from the LAN, and 2- Access said server remotely. Everything in the LAN side continues to work. Even some devices in the LAN can be accessed remotely (Ring doorbell, Roomba, etc.), but that one server in the DMZ can't be accessed.

    Any thoughts/help/suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    Note: I had to switch from Automatic NAT Outbound Mode to Manual. Haven't added any rules other than the auto created ones.

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