Best practice solution for a blocked IP

  • Hello,
    I currently have several IPv4 aliases setup using block lists and a whitelist alias setup for IPs to allow outbound connections on my LAN network.

    I have an issue with an IP address to access my webmail on an external network (my work) . Since my whitelist is only allowing outbound connections I cannot connect, and my WAN network does not have a whitelist rule. What is the best practice solution to allow me to access my webmail externally by passing the IPv4 alias IP address?

    Your help would be much appreciated.

  • Moderator


    Just create a new Whitelist for the WAN. You can add the IPs to the customlist at the bottom. With pfBlockerNG-devel you can add IPs to the whitelist automatically by clicking on the "+" icon.

    You can use the Adv. Inbound Rule settings, to only allow these specific whitelist IPs to access the mail server LAN IP and its open ports.

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