Slow DL but Fast UL

  • I'm Running pfSense 2.4.2 under ESXi 6.5 with VMXNET 3 adapters and Open-VM-Tools installed. AES-NI CPU-based Acceleration is enabled and hardware checksum offloading/TSO/LRO are all disabled. The host is an i7-3770 and I've given pfSense 2 cores and 4GB RAM. Nothing else is running on the host as of now.

    OpenVPN is using AES-128-GCM / SHA256.

    On multiple networks with both my laptop and phone I can saturate my uplink (highest available to test is 200mb), but I can't get more than 30-40mb on download. I tested with iperf, which is running on a VM on another host, as well as numerous speed test sites. They all report the same.

    Thanks for any help.

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